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You are welcome to send to your impressions, feelings, thoughts about being a guest in Servas ISRAEL homes, or meetings with Servas ISRAEL hosts. (including photos with your hosts)

We will publish them here.

Thanks and come again to Israel.

See a map of Israel which includes Israeli hosts locations:

With peace and friendship,


Bruna D'Innocenzo - Italy
I have wanted to visit Israel for a long time for religious reasons and also to see the country and the reality of everyday life.
Though very small geographically, Israel provides a lot of variety, originality and richness which makes it very interesting for touring.
I did not feel much tension related to the political situation.
In Jerusalem I saw less military & police presence than in Rome...
Peter Kraus - Germany
I travelled in Israel for 10 days
I had three very good experiences with three Israeli Servas hosts.
So I had a good opportunity to gather impressions about life in Israel.
Ludger Kuppers - Germany

25 days alone among Israelis, learning some Hebrew and enjoying the variety Israel provides. I can recommend to go to Israel. The Servas people gave interesting hints.

An unforgettable month in Israel - Dreams come true with SERVAS
From 13 June to 13 July 2015, our family spent a wonderful time in different parts of Israel with the help of SERVAS. The program of study Hebrew for a month and participation in the daily life of Israeli families was amazing.
Marie Bernard Xiberras - France

I loved Israel and the Servasing in Israel experience.
For me Servas Israel is the hope for the future of Israel.
It is thanks to people like them that I hope the people in the area will be able to live in peace.
Pavel Gvozoetsky - Ukraine

This February me and my father visited Eretz Israel.
It was our first time here but for sure not the last one.

This is a part of the article: A Homestay Pioneer Celebrates 70 Years
By Shel Horowitz.
A link to the article in the page.
Rossella Fenu, Sardinia Italy
I am grateful for all the beautiful sites I had seen during my hiking and the kind and supporting people I had met in my fabulous trip in the Holy Land in Israel, on the footprints of Jesus Christ from Nazareth to Capharnaum in the Galilee.
Renée and Barry, US
For ten days, our Servas Israeli hosts had housed and fed us, shared their lives, shown us important historical and religious sites (especially Christian for this Christmas season); we know them as wonderful, generous people.

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for 2 weeks - Oct./Nov. 2012 we were in Israel. We - that are Marina & Harald Seiffert from Servas Germany and our long time friend Alexander Petryasov from Servas Russia.
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