November 2022 - Annvi, Pekka, Peik and Suvi Servas members from Finland

Servas Friends from Finland visited Israel on November 2022 and wrote:

We have been travelling with Servas as a family a few times. The first time our son was a baby, when we visited Israel in November 2022, he was 21. Again, this miracle happened: we met and talked, we got to know more of each other, and we felt like meeting old friends. Sara and Tsvika in the Galilee were both very nice hosts and fascinating to talk to - as were Nurit and Amitai in Jerusalem. This photo was taken after a picnic at the lake of Galilee with Sara and Tsvika.         


The hosts Sara and Tsvika wrote:
They are a really warm, special and interesting family, we found many things in common, and learned about Finland of which we knew very little. What she wrote about old new friends really reflected the easy and deep connection we felt immediately.

We were happy that we were able to provide them with their need for quality family time in their special constellation. They got a car from us to travel independently on Friday and Saturday, we divided into a "boyscar" and a "girlscar" and went to the Sea of Galilee. We were happy for them that we had 3 rooms available to accommodate them. Traveling as a family can often be tricky, but they nailed it!!

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