November-December 2022 - Anders Dalslgaard, Denmark

Dear friends

 (written on December 16, 2022) 

I am now back in Denmark – it’s very Cold : minus 5 gr. A Little snow – so it’s strange to think, that I a couple of days ago went swimming in Tel Aviv – 21℃ which is sea temperature in Denmark in summer.


My 3 weeks stay started in Sde Boker, that I love very much from my first stay there, 20 years ago.

In Beersheva we had a wondergul hike starting from a bedouin school.

Then the train to Haifa, where I stayed with 2 families. Among many interesting Things I enjoyed 2 trips with the brand new cable cabin from Merkazit Hamifraz to Haiifa unniversity. A beautiful ride, that lasted almost 20 minutes! So I had to do it times. The price only 5,50 NIS.

Finally I arrived in kibbutz Geshur in Golan. I went on a hiket o a beautiful waterfall after 1,5 hours walk.

Walking back I lost my way, and drifted around 1,5 hours until I succeeded in finding the marks on the stones to the trail. So all iin all 5 hours instead of 3 hours.! I also attended a yoga class.

I ended up in Tel Aviv staying in at a hostel the last days.


Thank you all of you for your great hospitality and kindness


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