July 2018 - Ho-young and Ran-young Celebarting 20th Marriage Aniversary with Servas in Israel

Watch this video - Ho-young and Ran-Young singing Psalms in Korean and Hebrew, like they do in their Evangelical church in Korea:

They wrote:

Period ; 23.July – 2. Aug. 2018.

Traveler & Country ; Ho-young, BAE/Ran-young, KIM  live in Korea

Destination ; ISRAEL

Hosts ; Claudia&Shlomi, Dvora, Nurit&Amitai, Orna&Benny

2018 This year is a very special time for my couple. It is the 20th anniversary of marriage. We have never traveled together since we have been busy growing up children. So I wanted to give a meaningful gift to my wife to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary.

As with all Christians, I knew early that my wife's hiding place was a pilgrimage to Holy Land, so I had the courage to plan my trip to Israel.

As I visited the library to get some preliminary knowledge of Israel, a book that came into view caught my eye. Just like the "Servas for free trip to Israel," I searched “Servas” on the Internet and inquired about it. After interviews with the regional director, I joined membership. After I attending the Servas meeting, I was reassured by trustworthy people working.

As the departure date for Israel approached, I immediately e-mailed Israel's Servas NS, Claudia, who responded with a welcome and connected five hosts during our ten-day stay.

The first host was Claudia, who met us at the airport and provided us with accommodation on the first and second days. Her house was built by her husband (was a carpenter) himself. They offered us a separate guest room, so we felt like we were on our honeymoon. Having a healthy, self-cooked meal, Claudia and her husband took us to Mt. Carmel. In the evening, we walked along the Mediterranean coast and talked a lot about Israel. On the second evening, she invited her servas friend Nirit, and we sang korean songs playing  the guitar we took to them.




Ho-young and Ran-young, from Korea, singing Psalms - in Korean and Hebrew - at Claudia and Shlomi's house in Israel

The second host was Dvora living alone with the best view house on the top of Haifa Mountain. Opening the window and standing on the balcony, we were able to see the city of Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea far away, so we could have a wonderful morning. We went on a train trip to go to the old city 'Akko' and the 'Akko Port' under the hot sunshine shone like a jewel.

Dvora guided us throughout Nazareth and Galilee driving for us on the second all day. She was so tired from coming back that long distance, but she never lost a bright smile. We were so grateful that we gave her a mask pack service and a massage before sleeping. Of course I did not forget the evening concert with the guitar. Breakfast Egg fried was always my charge. I am very happy to cook.

We went to Jerusalem by bus to meet the third host. The Nurit and Amitai lived near Old City, Jerusalem. He gave us house key and allowed to be used everything in his home, and gave us to experience traditional culture with traditional Israeli food. We walked to Jerusalem's Old City and followed Jesus' way Via Dolorosa. Jerusalem was still a busy and crowded city. As I walked down from Mt. Olives to Ketsemane's Prayer, I took the appearance of Jerusalem in my heart and walked in prayer. I joined in the tears of Jesus appealing for the peace of here. Nurit and Amitai loved the songs of our couple. Massage packs were especially popular


Though the fourth host was the Naim of Hebron but now he is on a visit to Turkey, so he has a email saying couldn't host it now. So we stayed one night at the Shepherd Hotel in Bethlehem. Graffiti drawn through the narrow alleys of Bethlehem showed that this was a Palestinian area. Now, Although Bethlehem is loud and a noisy, but two thousand years ago that night when all were sleeping, only the shepherds of the field would worship Jesus. Unfortunately Bethlehem now feels bitter as it has become too commercial. In particular, I learned to be careful of those who pretend to be guides in the tourism area. By my ignorance, answered 'YES' but I had to pay 40 shekels to whom he asked me for 200 shekels.

The last host to welcome and guided us was the Orna and Benny couple. They lived in the middle of downtown Tel Aviv, and we stayed at his house for three days. Every morning Benny and I enjoyed swimming on the beach. I can't forget the Ice Americano he bought me at the beach cafe every morning. With their help, we were able to visit various cities including Caesarea, Jaffa, Megido and Bet She'arim. Perhaps the best memory of this family was a demonstration of Korean food. We bought some ingredients at the market and cooked them Korean food for themselves. I cooked rice and boiled chili paste stew. My wife has rolled Kimbap and mixed vegetables. At the happy party, Orna invited another friend couple and enjoyed dinner together. After the meal, we had a very happy time with the music performance and massage as usual. Orna and Benny were planning a trip to Korea in October, so they asked many questions about Korea. I came back promising I could give him a little help during his three-day trip to Jeju Island. Benny followed me to the airport and checked out with me so I could get on the plane easily. Without Benny's service and help, I would have been very embarrassed. Thank you with all my heart.


The ten days trip of Israel gave me with impressive experience. It would be the greatest blessing in my life to have made the first trip I took after marriage in Israel. All this is the result of the kind serving of the Servas hosts, I am more grateful to them. Thank you to the Lord for having such a wonderful and happy meeting.




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