June 2016 – Hebrew Language and Culture Program in Israel

Mirek Wasilewski from Poland spent the month of June in Israel learning Hebrew and getting to know Israel in depth.

Here is what Mirek wrote:

Thank you for all you did for me in Israel both on the Hebrew learning and touristic sides of my visit to Israel and stay with you. It was really a very important and great experience for me. Thank you. And can you imagine that my thanks need to go to at least 32 persons who were directly involved in organizing my stay and my program in Israel?

I am thinking how to go on with my new and very basic knowledge of some Hebrew, too. I must tell you that it happens that I am able to understand in a very general way what the Israeli tourists are talking about in Hebrew when I meet groups of them on a bus stop or in a bus. The first time it happened I was really surprised and glad that my Hebrew learning brought such results. Of course I am not able to talk to the tourists but the whole experience is rather nice to me. I try to continue practicing Hebrew alphabet and tell my friends a lot about my Israeli linguistic experiences.

And once more: all the best to you. I hope the New Hebrew Year will bring a lot of success and happiness to you, your families and friends.


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