October 2016 - Our first experience with hosting


Dear Claudia, dear Shlomi


We are staying now 11, 12 days in Israel. Our first 7 days we spent with an old friend.

And now we experience to be with our first hosts from Servas!


We have many things to learn. Not to travel to see cities, places,...,`we travel to meet people`, told us Claudia and Shlomi.

Sometimes we can`t make a difference between street experiences and beeing with our hosts.

We do speak only a few words Hebrew, `yalla, bye`, never the less, we wonder how it can be!,

whenever we ask somebody on the street for an information, we get it, even from a young mother with a small child, a cabdriver, not only one..

Me and my wife Evi, we checked after a short time, that our hosts do not depend on terms of giving and taking. But it takes a time to understand. 

We met this experience already earlier this year with younger folks from other hospitality organizations - `warm showers`, `be welcome`, - in the east of Poland. There and here in Israel the knowledge of 

our mothers and fathers was present. And  I often felt in myself: I am german, they don`t treat me special. 

To take it more easy: People in  Israel might have the talent to make friends. It would be fun to learn this.

So, yalla, bye, toda, see you. 






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