February 2016 - 10 days in Israel

Peter Kraus - Germany
I travelled in Israel for 10 days
I had three very good experiences with three Israeli Servas hosts.
So I had a good opportunity to gather impressions about life in Israel.
All my hosts were very relaxed and open. I felt like a family member. They were interested in Germany and the way Germans think about Israel.
The German Nazi history was not the only or the main thing....
There was very good communication and many interesting conversations about every subject you can imagine.
So I got to know a lot of  what a tourist wants to know about the local culture and society of the country.
It is easy to travel in Israel and I felt very safe. The transportation system is well organized, if you don't travel at the Sabbath. So many people know foreign languages!!
The German media view about the government of Israel as being very right wing and violent against the Arabs is different to my experience with my hosts. Even though there is a war, there are no black and white pictures about the various people of the area.
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