With SERVAS you never know what will happen, but it always does

My recent visit to Israel was an adventure.
My first host Hasia Klotz and her sister drove to the Judean Hills using the Burma road. There is no guard rail next to the Burma road.
Hasia also arranged a visit to the Weitzman Institute. Dr. Liat Haklai brought me to her lab. She is doing research on neurological diseases. Defective mice are bred for this research. Apparently ligands in the axon and receptor must line up for signal transmission. She has time for SERVAS?
Jeffrey and Yochi Gordon hosted me at Sde Boker. Jeffrey designed the house with solar panels. And it does retain heat. Jeffrey also did my laundry. Yochi assured me he was well trained by
the 4 women in the house. I found a lab experimenting with fish that thrive in brackish water. This method is being implemented now.
Karmit and Gal are hosts in a student village in Dimona. Together we packed boxes for the army. We had dinner with Black Hebrews who are vegen,don't smoke drink but do practice polygamy.They believe the are one of the lost tribes. When we returned to the student village we discovered a burst pipe. Karmit and Gal arranged for me to spend the night with another student while the rest of the village handled the flood.
Gals parents Hanan and Tali Rumbak in Mazkeret Batia not only hosted me but helped me salvage everything that had gotten wet in the flood. Tali speaks only Hebrew and Russian and was very helpful with
my Hebrew.
I did finally meet Rivka the Holocaust survivor and her daughters. Rivka was happy to receive copies of letters from her mother to my grandmother written in 1938.Yad Vashem posted the information and photo I donated to them on their web site. This is how I found my cousins.
We will continue from here!
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