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On Saturday morning we gathered at the building near Ben-Gurion cabin in Kibbutz Sde Boker, Hot clear day, a day of fun.
Registration and opening day was fast and each group went on one of the tracks.
הסיור נערך במוזאון ישראל בירושלים בהדרכת חברת סרווס ג'ודי שוטן . THE VISIT WAS GUIDED BY OUR HOST JUDY SHOTTEN
on Friday 17 December 2010, 9:00

17/12/2010 09:00
Despite the heat, and the long distances, more than 30 Israeli Servas members from Mitzpe Ramon in the South to Mitzpe Abirim in the North, arrived at the Gloria hotel in the Old City, at twelve noon.
Servas International is celebrating 60 years since it was founded. Tel Aviv is also celebrating 100 years since it was founded.
On March 13, in Neve Tzedek, 90 Servas members enjoyed a very successful gathering.
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