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Please read and enjoy the stories which our Servas Israel hosts told about the tours
Please read and enjoy the summary of Christmas 2013 event in Israel , sent by Sonali and Yogesh from India.
Thank you Sonali and Yogesh,
More than 40 Servas friends, from all over the world, were hosted by Israeli hosts in 3 areas – Galilee, Center (Sharon and Tel-Aviv) and Jerusalem.

Welcome Raheeb and Afnan Zahran and your 3 children.
Hereby the report of the Jom kef. In Dutch as you requested. I also printed the photographs I made that wonderful day. All of a sudden we have places to stay with people we got to know. What means: nice, open people!.

Thank you Claudia for all the work you do.

By the way, the report about Jom Kef im Servas, will appear this week in Holland. that means that a couple of millions will read it! (it is also with the story of Sibbele en Geartsje.
30/08/2013 20:00
Servas Israel activists met at Peqiin in the Beautiful home of Ruth and Abel de Jong-Hotze
24/08/2013 09:00
Jerusalem friends of Servas Israel meeting at Judy's house in Jerusalem
Highlights in the Desert
Impressions from the guided tours before the assembly
דרונט בניית אתרים