Servas Poland hosted Servas Israel at Zelków–Gacki, near Krakow - 27/9/15 - 2/10/15



Servas Israel in Poland

A delegation of 23 members from Servas Israel participated in the meeting at Zelków – Gacki , Poland from 27 September to 2 October 2015. The initiative of this project came from Maria and Adam Żemojcin , who participated in 2014 Christmas event in Israel. The group was hosted at Maria and Adam’s beautiful farm in Gacki, 15 km from Kraków, and the hosting was above all imagination for us, Israelis.

The hosts organized a tour of the old city in Kraków including Jewish quarters and meetings with the Jewish Poland community there. We also visited the famous salt mines salt in Wieliczka and the Ojcow natural reserve.

Members of Servas Poland joined the delegation tours and activities.

It is important to point that it was a very moving experience to both Israel and Poland Servas members, due especially to the fact that for many Israelis / Jewish people Poland was associated with the holocaust. The meeting helped to change ideas and to bridge the gap between both groups.

We' d like to thank and express our deep appreciation to Adam and Maria for conceiving and leading this project and providing to the Israeli delegation a unique Servas experience. We'd like also to thank Tomak and Maria for sharing their project with us, and  all Servas Poland members who helped, for their efforts and contribution to the success of this special meeting.


Liora Loewenstein

Servas Israel


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