Israel under Fire - warm words sent by our Servas Friends from abroad


Pilar Casals, from Spain,  who attended Christmas 2013 with Servas in Israel, wrote to us:
.... friends, we are very sad and worried with the difficult moment you are living.
There are not words, only to say that you are always in our minds and hearts. Communicate this message to all the Servas people that we meet or not in our visit.
Peace and friendship.
Take care of yourselves.
A big hug.

Misao Ishihara from Japan, who attended Christmas 2013 with Servas in Israel, also sent to us encouraging words:
How are you .
I read and watch a newspaper and TV
of air strikes every day .
Cannon balls flies to Tel A...viv .
I pray for your security .
Please live well !
I do not forget your warm kindness .
From Misao Ishihara


Brette and Keldon Ehalt from Canada wrote to Vlad and Raya Hochstein

Hello all,

Keldon and I just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Our newspapers continue to report on events in Israel, and I cringe every time I read an article, hoping that none of you are directly affected by what's happening.You all mean so much to us!!

Take care and be well, Brette & Keldon

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