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This film was created by our Servas Israel member - Shosh Yitzhaki-Cohen, from Tel Aviv
Thank you dear Shosh
The ten days trip of Israel gave Ho-young, BAE/Ran-young, KIM an impressive experience. To quote him : "It was the greatest blessing in my life to have made the first trip I took after marriage in Israel. All this is the result of the kind Servas hosts, I am more then grateful to them. "
Watch this video: Ho-young and Ran-young, from Korea, singing Psalms - in Korean and Hebrew - at Claudia and Shlomi's house in Israel
A delegation of 23 members from Servas Israel participated in the meeting at Zelków – Gacki , Poland from 27 September to 2 October 2015. The initiative of this project came from Maria and Adam Żemojcin , who participated in 2014 Christmas event in Israel. The group was hosted at Maria and Adam’s beautiful farm in Gacki, 15 km from Kraków, and the hosting was above all imagination for us, Israelis.

52 Servas friends participated in the Tatra-Alpe-Adria international meeting, organized by Servas Austria and Servas Slovakia in 18-24 September 2015.
Friends came from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel and Slovakia.
Servas Israel celebrated the international Peace day in the Peace forest of Jerusalem, bringing together about 40 Servas friends and guests from the Galil area, Haifa, the Tel Aviv area, Jerusalem and its surroundings.
See what Pilar Casals from Spain, Misao Ishihara from Japan, Brette and Keldon Ehalt from Canada.... wrote:
Please read and enjoy the stories which our Servas Israel hosts told about the tours
More than 40 Servas friends, from all over the world, were hosted by Israeli hosts in 3 areas – Galilee, Center (Sharon and Tel-Aviv) and Jerusalem.

Hereby the report of the Jom kef. In Dutch as you requested. I also printed the photographs I made that wonderful day. All of a sudden we have places to stay with people we got to know. What means: nice, open people!.

Thank you Claudia for all the work you do.

By the way, the report about Jom Kef im Servas, will appear this week in Holland. that means that a couple of millions will read it! (it is also with the story of Sibbele en Geartsje.
30/08/2013 20:00
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