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Servas India would like to invite members to experience the joy of Ganesh Festival in western Maharashtra region. The hosts in this region are very happy to invite you into their homes and culture and share this festive celebration of Lord Ganesha .

Contact Mr. Abhay Shaha:

סרווס הודו מזמינה 20 חברי סרווס מכל העולם להשתתף בפונה - חוויה חד פעמית , מהר להרשם לבל תחמיצו.
פרטים נוספים וטופס הרשמה בפנים !
Servas Germany would like to invite you to a region which is still regarded as a secret tip. The Ruhr region located in North Rhine-Westphalia in the west of Germany, is about 60 km north-east of Cologne.


סרווס גרמניה מזמינה את חברי סרווס להתארח ולהכיר את איזור המטרופוליס של הרור.
האיזור ממוקם כ-60 ק"מ צפונית מזרחית לקולון/קלן.
פרטים נוספים וטופס הרשמה בפנים
Servas China annual conference is to be held over the weekend of August 24-26 in the province of Hubai with possible pre-/post-conference activities, starting 22 August, ending 28 August. We are to visit the national park of Shennongjia and the hydropower complex of three gorges dan and some local museums.
The deadline for conference registration is May 30th, 2018.


סרווס סין מזמינה לכנס של סוף שבוע במחוז הובאי. הכנס יתקיים באוגוסט 24-27 2018.
Our Servas friends from Austria, LORENZ GLATZ and his wife HEDWIG SEYR-GLATZ wrote to us about Lorenz's book "Journeys to Lost neighbors. The Jews from Wiesmath" - detailing his journey after his childhood neighbors, in an attempt to recall what happened in Austria during World War II. As members of Servas Austria, they made their research during travels in Israel and elsewhere, visiting Servas members everywhere. Attached are their letters to Servas Israel, as well as a letter from RENNE CHINQUAPIN from the United States, who wrote her impressions on the book.

תקראו על הספר שחברנו מאוסטריה כתב על הסקר שערך על היהודים בעיירה שלו .
אפשר לכתוב לו:
185 Servas Friends from 53 countries gathered in Totara Springs, Matamata in New Zealand for the General Assembly - 10-16 October 2015. See Summary and newsletters published every day of the assembly.
(the summary is in Hebrew)
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