Servas Turkey - Peace School & Cinema School: July 06-16th, July 17-21st - 2019


Servas Turkey

Welcome to Servas International Peace School & Servas Cinema School

Would you like to volunteer for children?

  1. Peace School: July 06-16th, 2019

  2. Cinema School: July 17-21st, 2019

Venue: Ekinci, Antakya, Turkey


Servas Peace&Cinema schools happen in Ekinci (3aydiy) in Antakya, Turkey every year. Within this school we invite Servas people to come and volunteer for children in the village. Volunteers teach children aged 7-14 anything they know such as peace, drama, music, children songs, languages, chess, pantomime, cultural and environmental issues, art, cooking, etc. We use big gardens, house yards, olive trees fields and streets for the activities. Everywhere is a classroom for us in this village. The main goal of this program is to open new windows in the local children’s lives. Volunteers stay with local families and exchange experiences with them. Families serve meals and their hospitality. No fee needed to attend. Sightseeing tours to experience Antakya (Antioch) are organized form volunteers. Families with children are welcome.  

Antakya is located in the very south of Turkey (close to Eastern Mediterranean sea). It is known to have a multicultural/liberal life style with different religions and ethnic backgrounds (Muslims; Sunnis-Alewis, Christians, Jews, Turks, Arabs, Armenians and Ozbaks). The dishes of Antakya have a big reputation, too.

Peace School Video:


Volunteers pay travel expenses only. We take care of them during their stay.

School workshops happen in the mornings and evenings only.

Any ideas are welcome even during the school time. Flexible program.  

  1. Training Programme for Servas Volunteers

Date: July 2-5th, 2019

Venue: Ekinci, Antakya, Turkey

Servas local and international volunteers will be trained about the following topics.

  • How to be a good volunteer, Organizing volunteering events, Stereotyping...Why should not!, Immigration and Refugees, Multicultural background of Antakya.

Contact for application: Mehmet Ates, C, +00905325774803

ServasPeaceSchoolVolunteeringinTurkey2019  ServasPeaceSchoolVolunteeringinTurkey2019
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