Servas Russia International Meeting, Ural, 19- 24 June 2019

Invitation to the 2nd Servas Russia International Meeting 19- 24 June 2019 Sverdlovsk region, Krasnoufimsk district, Ural, Russia


04.Jan. 2019

Dear Servas members worldwide,

Servas Russia, with the support of the Krasnoufimsk District Authority, is honored and happy to invite you to our Servas Meeting (RSM).

The meeting will be held from 19th to 24th June 2019.

We shall be very happy to have you with us, sharing an enjoyable and educational week of social activities, getting to know the real Russian culture and daily life together with beautiful cities and nature areas of the Ural hills, having also the chance to meet old and new friends from around the world.

Our theme for the meeting will be "Exploring the unique spirit and rich culture of Ural."

Those who have been part of previous meeting will know what a wonderful experience it is, to be part of such an international event where people from many nationalities, languages and cultures come together from across the world.

In addition, the participants will enjoy the known Ural Russian generous soul, food, drinks, culture, churches, nature, banya (like sauna) and more.

The meeting will take place in Sverdlovsk region, Krasnoufimsk district, which is the recreation center “Express” (10 km from Krasnoufimsk town, 215 km from Yekaterinburg – the capital of the Ural and 1800 km or 2 hours of flight from Moscow).,+Sverdlovsk+Oblast,+Russia/@56.6109718,57.2061818,9z/data=!4m5!3 m4!1s0x43c2c60966c52c93:0x58c35fe69faf20cb!8m2!3d56.6153071!4d57.7536754

Sverdlovsk Oblast is one of the 89 Russian regions.

It is situated in the Ural Mountains and its capitol is Yekaterinburg, formerly known as Sverdlovsk.

It's mainly a hilly country with few

high peaks.

The population is more than 4 million with a diversity of not less than 148 ethnic groups.

Among them Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Bashkirs, Mary, Germans, Azerbaijanis, Udmurts, Belarusians, Chuvash, Armenians, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Jews and more.

The Krasnoufimsk district itself is situated on the South-West of the Sverdlovsk region. Its population of 33,000 consists of 62% Russians, 20% Tatars and 16% Mary. During the meeting we will have the chance to meet their culture and daily life.

The meeting program

Wednesday, June 19th – arrival, supper / dinner (depending on your arrival time). Introduction. Hiking (5 km) and visiting of the cave with a tour guide. Evening: participants present their country customs, culture, songs and dancing. Tasting Russian vodka…

Thursday, June 20th – 1st part of the day: 30 Min Bus ride: Acquaint yourself with Tatar Muslim culture. Village: national songs, customs, food dishes, dances. Evening: Master-classes. 2nd part of the day: visit to the quarry and hunt for fossilized shellfish. Evening: Disco party.

Friday, June 21st - 1st part of the day: 30 Min Bus ride: Familiarize yourself with Mary culture. Mary village (Paganism): national songs, customs, food dishes, dances. Master-class about making charms. 2nd part of the day: visiting of Russian banya with Russian tea from samovar. Evening: free time.

Saturday, June 22nd – 1st part of the day: 20 Min Bus ride: acquaintance with Russian culture at the festival of cultures. 2nd part of the day: Russian games and circle dances.

Sunday, June 23d – 1st part of the day: hiking in the forest: hills with a tour guide. Lunch on the way we will prepare at the fair. 2nd part of the day: master-class on making the flute of the shaman (it will be a memory gift for you).

Monday, June 24th – 3 hours bus ride: Visiting Yekaterinburg city center walk,

Ganina Yama where the last Russian Tsar Nicholas the 2nd was assassinated -- and more.

Airport and railway departure from Yekaterinburg.

The venue site

The guesthouses and camping site are situated near the Ufa River in a safe forest, where all trees are being treated against ticks and bugs.

The venue has a dining room and a shower.

The guesthouses have from 2 till 5 beds in a room and a toilets room.

The accommodation area is secured.

Wi-Fi will not be available in the venue site. The nearest wi-fi place is in the cafes of Krasnoufimsk town. Also you can use sim-card.

Participation fees

There are a few suggested options, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for you.

All options includes

- 5 nights’ accommodation.

- breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper (4 times).

- many excursions.

- Transportation from the airport to the venue site.

- Transportation from the venue site to the airport.

The options are

190 Euros for 6 days and 5 nights.


1.For those who do not need the transportation from / and to the airport the fee will be reduced in 15 Euros per trip. There will only be a need to know this in advance as this will tell the type of the rented bus.

Insurance requirements

It is the participant’s responsibility to be in possession of a valid Medical and Travel Insurance policy.

Visa requirements

The list of countries who need a visa to visit Russia and those who don't may change, also depending of a few parameters such as length of stay, type of visa and so on.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to check and verify your own personal status. There are a few web sites which offer this info such as

If you need a visa you may pay the visa invitation in the tour operator of your country and to get it quickly and easily. Servas Russia is not a legal entity or tour operator, therefore, according to the Russian legislation, it has no right to issue visa invitations.

How to get to Krasnoufimsk town

Via Saint Petersburg

From Pulkovoairport: taking a train to Yekaterinburg. (Servas members will meet and help you to make a change. It will be better if you book this train in advance).

The provided transportation will bring you from Yekaterinburg to the meeting site.

Via Moscow

From Vnukovo or Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo airports taking a train to Krasnoufimsk station.

The Krasnoufimsk train station

Servas members will meet and help you.

The provided transportation will bring you from Yekaterinburg to the meeting site.

Via Ekaterinburg

From Koltsovoairport the provided transportation will bring you from Ekaterinburg to the meeting site.


All of your family members and friends are also more than welcome. We shall do our best to adjust the program based on your personal wishes.

Please find attached the registration form. Naturally the number of participants might become limited, so the priority will go to those who have registered first.

If you have any questions, suggestions or special requests please feel free to write to with your full name and country.

Looking forward to welcome you in our beautiful Russia

Iuliia Mezenina,

Servas Russia national Secretary

Please see more information on next page.

Some additional information and facts about Russia and the Ural area

Russia is a diverse and mysterious country. The "pulse" of Russia and its people is vastly different depending on the regions. We invite you to visit the Ural. Ural is one of the safest places in Russia.

There are no earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters.

There are so many good reasons to visit the beautiful Ural area and among them:

1. Early Ural was the Permskysea. You can come and find here the fossils of mollusks. The meeting plan includes a visit to find them by ourselves.

2.A trip to the Urals - a chance to be in two different continents at the same time since the Ural mountains do not belong to Europe nor to Asia. It is a barrier between them.

3.Here were assassinated the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family. There is a memorial site in the local monastery.

4. Boris Yeltsin, the1st Russian President was born here.

5. Fidel Castro visited the Ural In 1963.

6.Ural is the main place of extraction of precious stones.

7. In 2002 UNESCO has recognized the capital of Ural, Yekaterinburg, as one of the 12 ideal cities in the world.

8. The legacy of the Soviet Union and contrasting modernity can both be found there.

9.Here is a mixture of nationalities. Kind people who always welcome guests and tourists.

10.The Ural nature is often compared to the Switzerland one.

11. Ural is an opportunity to access large Russia.

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