Servas Israel members met Michael at his Exhibition - June 12, 2020 - Yavne City Art Gallery.

להלן סיכום רשמיה של יונה מהמפגש שהיה בתערוכה של האמן, חבר סרווס מיכאל בן-אבו: 

פתיחת ארוע "קיר אמן"  של מיכאל בו אבו, בסדנה לאמנות, בגלריה לאמנות  ביבנה, ביום ששי 12.6.2020 הייתה חוויה מיוחדת.

מול הכניסה לסדנה היו תלויים ציור-דמות, ארבעה דפים ציור כחול מופשט, צילום ועבודת וידאו בו מופיע מיכאל בתוך הים נושא משא מול שרידי המזח בבית ינאי - בילדותי עוד הלכנו על המזח.

האוצר דורון הסביר. באולם הגדול

מלבד ברכות ודברי מיכאל המרגשים ניגנו אב ובנו בגיטרות ווחליל. רקדן סופי את הריקוד מקוניה ומיכאל הצטרף אליו. כאמור - הייתה חוויה מרגשת


We met Michael , who participated in the Exhibition, he participated in, at Yavne City Art Gallery, in the presence of Yavne Mayor Mr. Zvi Gov Ari.

The title of the exhibition, in Hebrew, Masaot/Masaot מסעות/משאות, meaning Travelling/Carrying Stuff.

Because of the Corona epidemic there was not a choice to visit the gallery during the last three months.

On Friday, 12th June 2020 there was a noon-time gathering, at the Gallery , with Michael,  the artist, his curator Doron Fishbein, and other friends and art lovers.

His works , on the wall opposite the main entrance, showed four different styles.

A large black on white drawing, symbolizing a human figure carrying something on his back.

A small painting on the other end wall, titled Climbing, here attached on the original invitation.

Central 4 pages with blue abstracts, one may see what one sees or dreams in them.

And a video film, in which Michael enters the Mediterranean Sea, Beit Yanai beach, He is carrying stone or suitcase or both on his shoulders, his name is written on the load.

Very moving for me, who, during childhood, could visit this beach and walk along the quay, that was in better shape.

(hearing stories about it, that was  once used for boats arriving to Israel snicking under the eyes of the searching British police).   

Gathering in another large hall, the curator explained his choices and Michael responded, excited.


All the time that we were listening there was a Sufi dancer bowing on a small carpet,

And a guitarist/flute player, and his younger son playing guitar beautifully.


They played their special pieces, two guitars or flute and guitar.

Yaniv and Zuk, as far as I could catch their names.

Then further music and the Sufi walk and dance started.

Dressed in black the some photos. Rami Pundak I think his name is, .

And Michael, the artist, joined the dance.

Very moving, wordless, only the accompanying music.

You all should have been there.

I wish Michael further success in his artistic work,

 All the Best, Yona, Servas member, Yavne resident.



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