International Women's day in Jisr az Zarka and Servas Israel Annual Assembly in Yuvalim - 8-9 March 2019

Servas Israel members spent the weekend of 8-9 March 2019 together - celebrating the International Women's Day on 8 March 2019 in the Arab village of Jisr az Zarqa and participating in the Annual Assembly on Saturday 8 March 2019 in Yuvalim.

The visit in Jisr az Zarqa, located on the Israel National Trail, on the Mediterranean coast plain, was devoted mainly to the village intrapreneurs and artists - men and women - who work for the benefit of the community in general and empowerment of women in particular.


We met social-community leaders, the owner and manager of Juha Guesthouse and Tours, to learn about the history of the village - past and present.

Then we met three artists in their homes - a painter and daughter and a photographer who works as photo therapist. We saw their works of art - reflecting the life in the village and its landscapes.


Also, we learned about their lives and challenges of living in this village in general and about being a woman there in particular. At the end of the tour, some of us participated in a straw weaving workshop.


This is a place worth visiting - the village with its picturesque houses, the people warm and welcoming:


Most Servas members, arriving from distant areas, stayed overnight with hosts in the area - a good opportunity to get to know each other better.

Next day, on Saturday, we all met in Yuvalim for our Annual Assembly.

First, we watched a beautiful performance of representatives of Karmiel dancing group and a lecture about Esperanto language history and its relation to Servas name.


Following the communal lunch, based on home-made dishes, we continued with the formal Assembly - we learned about Servas Board and volunteersactivities during 2018, about plans for 2019, and we voted and chose the new Board members and Audit committee and appointed members.

The elected Servas Israel Board: Claudia Sagie, Ishai Avraham, Orna Alkalay, Nirit Harel, Nurit Elvia-Finkel, Uri Afarsemon, Ilana Brin.



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