"Israpoland 2015 group" met in Geshur on 18 November 2016


Servas Israel participants in Poland met  at Kibbutz Geshur on 18 November 2016


After more than one year of our visit to Poland our Servas Poland Delegation met at Kibbutz Geshur in the Golan Heights area where two families from the delegation live.

As a matter of fact, it was our third meeting after our visit to Poland. The first one was in Hanukah last year and the second one during last May. Maybe because of the special Polish experience people feel close one to each other and that is the reason and significance of those meetings.

This time, we met in a nice restaurant in the kibbutz and had lunch together, then met for coffee at Dalit and Tzuki's home in the kibbutz. The kibbutz is situated between the Golan mountains and the view from their house is beautiful.

Smadar and Rami, who are among the founders of Geshur, told us about the history of the place, founded 40 years ago. We also discussed about different topics regarding Servas agenda and we shared experiences of last international Servas events.

We believe we will stay close and continue to meet in the future.

Liora Loewenstein wrote.


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