Impressions sent by Francisco Salomon after attending Servas Israel Language and Culture Program - September 2016


Dear Servas Israel!!
I send this email to say hello and to thank all those who participated in the Servas Exchange Program Language and Culture between Israel and Mexico.
The experience was wonderful and full of amazing stories that have enriched my life in an extraordinary way and I will share with my family and friends.
I was in total 35 days in Israel and stayed in 14 different homes. I deeply appreciate your kindness, your time and company; I learned  from all of you valuable things about the country, the region, culture, language, history and about life itself.
Thank you, thank you very much, Claudia, Nirit and Yossi, Zvi and Nitzhona, Maya, Dana and Daniel, Reut, Yitzhak and Dalit, Adi, Rami and Smadar, Akab and Anaam, Maayan, Rachel and Jakob, Myriam, Shula and Eli, Yafa and Yigal, Yael and Chaim, Uzi and Rachel! Thank you very much for accepting the request for be part of this wonderful program.
This territory is sacred to millions of people in the world, inheritors of a great history, and traveled through you allowed me to comprehend and understand the reason for it.
Study the language, learn the ancient and modern cities, experience in the Kibbutz, see the desert and learn to cook shakshuka, apple picking, swimming in the Jarden, visit mountains, watch the sunset at sea, attend concerts, to a wedding, Bar Mitzvah and dinner Rosh Hashana, among dozens of other experiences have made this program a success.
It may seem a lot of effort for a single person, however, the positive effects will replicate, starting with my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers,  Servas members in México and especially with the new members of this wonderful organization.
I am convinced that with every act of kindness we generate a strong force that is able to contribute and collaborate to live in a better world, a peaceful world where different ideas about politics, religion and nationalism are overcome by the ideas of coexistence, brotherhood, peace, tolerance and respect. We live in a single home, this planet, we are part of one family, the human race. Organizations like Servas contribute to human development by raising awareness achieved through kind actions. In all world religions, philosophies, beliefs and customs, the act of welcoming people into your home is one of the gestures of kindness that bring blessing, especially getting the stranger, the unknown, the different and by these invitation see that is none other than a brother.
Thanks for your love, I love you all!
Greetings of peace,
Francisco Salomón Luna. 

Saludos de paz,
Francisco Salomón Luna Aburto.
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