Servas Israel Annual Assembly and Tour of Emek Hefer - March 11-12, 2016

Every year, the Servas Israel annual meeting in March includes two days. The second day is dedicated to the official assembly, whereas the first day includes trips in the area.

Tour of Emeq Hefer (Hefer Valley)

25 Servas members got together on Friday, 11 March, for a tour of Emek Hefer organized by Nurit and Avner from Hogla.


We drove to the lookout point for migrating birds overlooking an expansive artificial reservoir built in the area, to encourage tourism and to feed the birds offering them a rest on their way north.


At the reservoir we were met by a volunteer, one of 'the knights of the Alexander stream'. He enthralled us with a detailed history of the purchase, development and preservation of the area aided by the charity of Canadian Jewish community from Winnipeg, much to the delight of Judy, our veteran Winnipeg born Servas member, who spoke of her childhood memories collecting money for Emek Hefer in the blue and white JNF boxes!


We drove to the 'Turtle bridge' to be met by another 'knight of the stream'. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were amazed to see the huge turtles pulling themselves out of the stream to sunbathe on the rocks! He described the endangered nature life in and around the stream and their efforts to protect them and the Alexander stream.


Finally we drove to a nearby wooded area, were we sat in groups under shady trees to enjoy a well deserved picnic.

A good time was had by all. 

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