Servas Israel meeting in Jerusalem with Peace and Pilgrim walkers


Servas Gathering on 20th December 2015 with Peace walker

Paul Haines from England and pilgrim walker Michel Nodet from France.


    On Sunday afternoon 20th December Servas member Paul Haines completed his walk for peace, which he began in 2014 walking from England to Rome, and continued this July walking from Rome to Jerusalem.

    On arrival in Jerusalem he was met by Rina Shimoni, regional representative for Children of Peace, Meir Hayoun, Peace Secretary of Servas Israel and Michel Nodet from France who recently completed his pilgrimage from France to Jerusalem.

    In the evening a group of 20 Servas members from all over the globe gathered together at the home of Meir and Lesley to welcome Paul and to hear about his walk.

The evening began as each member introduced himself in a few words.


Paul Haines walked from Rome to Jerusalem focusing on Peace and Reconciliation. He requested messages of Peace which he carried with him both physically and virtually through this website, aiming to talk with as many people as possible in order to raise the awareness of Peace.


Rina Shimoni introduced the participants to the Children of Peace a charity organization that focuses upon building friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children so that future generations may live in peace.


Michel Nodet from France has walked over 4000 kilometers crossing through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey on his way to Jerusalem. This was a time of simplicity, prayer, an opportunity to meet people from different cultures, religions, views and opinions.


Xiao Meng a Servas traveler from China spoke about the enrichment she received by meeting with different people and cultures.

We welcomed several new Servas members to the area and parted from two active Jerusalem members who are moving to the north of Israel.


In the traditional way we shared a delicious spread supplied by each of the participants, conversation and stories. A good time was had by all!


Lesley Hayoun, Jerusalem




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