Servas regional meeting in Haifa - 30 October 2015


Servas regional meeting – 31-10-2016 , at Debbie and Nati’s house in Haifa

Debbie invited Servas friends from Haifa , to get to know each other better.

The meeting was very successful. Everyone participated in the conversations. We shared Servas experiences – hosting in Israel and abroad. Tova, Israel and Miriam shared the experiences of the visit in Poland. We discussed the issue of Servas  rejuvenation , and how to attract young members .  We welcomed Ruth, the new member, to Servas. And at the end we walked down to the nearby neighborhood - Kababir.

Thanks to the organizers and the participants: Debbie, Nati, Erica, Miriam, Rachel, Dalia and Zvi, Ruth), Haim, Tova, Israel. Everyone said it was a great day and want more such meetings.

Servas Friends meeting in Haifa   Servas Friends meeting in Haifa
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