Friendship meeting between Israeli & Palestinian Servas members in Jerusalem - 27 June 2015


Friendship meeting between Israeli & Palestinian Servas members in Jerusalem – 27 June 2015


           On Saturday June the 27th we held a friendship meeting in Gilo, Jerusalem, together with Naim and Rana Daour from Hebron, Rosa Graziuso from Italy and 20 Servas members from Israel.

Firstly, each person presented themselves and spoke shortly about the ways they contribute to friendship and peace.

Naim Daour spoke about the beginnings of the Palestinian branch of Servas and thanked Servas Israel for supporting its establishment. To date there are already a few Servas members, families from Hebron and Ramallah.

Naim gave a short talk about Ramadan which is celebrated during the 9th lunar month, the holiest month of the year for Muslims. During Ramadan observant Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset in order to purify their souls. They eat only two meals per day, the first before sunrise and the second after sunset. The religious abstain from everyday pleasures, take part in spiritual activities, pray and contribute to charity.

Claudia Sagie summarized Servas news and activities from Israel and abroad.

Lesley Hayoun gave a short talk about holistic pulsing, a healing therapy called The Power of Softness, which is also a way of life, an approach to inner awareness and peace. Lesley did a short activity after which the participants shared their thoughts and understandings.

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We then watched a short film by Ruty Unz called "Who says there is no partner?!" taken this month in Tel Aviv at a meeting of the Israeli Palestinian Congress, participating both Israelis and Palestinians.

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Lastly, we watched and listened to a video of the Y.M.C.A Jerusalem Youth Chorus, an inspiring joint choir of Muslim and Christian Arabs and Jewish youth.

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Afterwards, several of the group went with Naim and Rana to visit the Olive Park near Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. In its center are three olive trees growing out of three tall steel columns, an environmental sculpture by Ran Morin symbolizing the three monotheistic religions, and perhaps a yearning for peace between all religions.


Thank you All for participating

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