Jerusalem friends of Servas Israel meeting at Judy's house in Jerusalem

התאריך: 12.7.2013
When Judy Shotten, one of our most long-standing and dynamic members, generously invited Servas Jerusalemites to join her for a summer brunch under the big lemon tree in her fabulous garden, she had no idea it would turn into a surprise birthday party -- for herself. On the appointed day, old Servas friends and new came through her gate bearing a glamorous birthday cake and gifts, and when we began singing "Happy Birthday," Judy, elegant as always, was happily astounded. Claudia Sagi, Israel's national Servas director, brought her family from afar for the celebration, and a festive time was had by all (not to mention some inspired ideas for future Servas events, and a wonderful summary of the exciting international meeting held in Israel last May at Sde Boker).

Barbara Gingold, Jerusalem
Thank you Judy for inviting us. Thank you Servas friends in Jerusalem for remembering Judy's birthday.


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