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Friends of Servas International in Israel


A visit to Israel is an extraordinary experience, old and new together, different people from dozens of countries, four different religions, and - unique types of settlements.

A traveler, who likes to visit, see and be familiar with those differences; a traveler who likes to enter into the private homes of the different Israelis, to be welcomed and to be guided to the most interesting and important features in the nearby area; a traveler who likes people and is eager to make friends, who likes to contribute to more understanding and tolerance, can, and should turn to us. Travel in Israel with Servas.

The same applies to any Israeli who would like to have a similar experience in over 100 countries throughout the world. He or she can have this experience and do it through Servas.

Any traveler who would like to do so should contact the nearest Servas coordinator in his/her home country. If you have heard of Servas while traveling, you can turn to the Servas National Secretary in the country where you are traveling.

You are always welcome in Israel

See a map of Israel which includes Israeli hosts locations:

With peace and friendship,

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