SYLE in Israel 2009-2022



SYLE - Servas Youth Language/Learning Experience - is a special EXPERIENCE inside SERVAS. It is a PROGRAM, flexible and adaptable, to be agreed between Coordinator-Hosting-Travelling Members.

The objective of SYLE in Israel: introducing Israel to Youth, by experiencing daily lives with families, learning/practicing language, learning about culture, communities, agriculture, water and more …


If you are interested in a SYLE program in Israel:

Our doors and hearts are open,

Come and experience unique characteristics of the life in Israel, among people of different ethnic background. Let’s get to know one another as individuals and peoples.

Contact us for more information and application:


See examples of SYLE programs, that took place in Israel in the past years, in the attached file.



 SYLE in Israel 2009-2022   SYLE in Israel 2009-2022
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