Servas Youth Language/Learning Experience

What is SYLE
(Servas Youth Language/Learning Experience)

SYLE is a special EXPERIENCE inside SERVAS. It is a PROGRAM, flexible and adaptable, to be agreed between Coordinator-Hosting-Travelling Members.


In Servas there are four active programs: 

1. SYLE for YOUTH (Ages 18 TO 30). Enabling learning a language or another interest, while hosted.

2. JUNIOR SYLE (Ages 14 TO 18). A hosting program, in a family with a young member of these ages. The SYLE team assists in locating the hosting family. The program itself is agreed and directly coordinated between two families – the young traveler’s family and the hosting family.

3. YOUTH EXCHANGE (Ages 18-30).  A hosting/travelling program between young members.

4. SYLE + VOLUNTEERING. The program incorporates in the stay a volunteering experience aimed to learning more about the hosting country (human rights, immigration, peace building, climate subjects, etc.). 

For more general information and an application form see:



SYLE in Israel


The objective of SYLE: introducing Israel to Youth, by experiencing daily lives with families, teaching language, culture, communities, agriculture, water and more …


SYLE in Israel is a program of Long Stay hosting, from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, usually involving hosts for weekdays, weekends and day-hosts.

You are invited to create, with the Israeli SYLE team, a “tailored” program, based on your interests and wishes, in accordance to the possibilities Israeli hosts can offer, be it culture exchange, practicing Hebrew or other.

We suggest email/WhatsApp correspondence before the trip, as well as contact during the stay, to accompany, coordinate and/or to help if something unexpected comes up.  

Also creating a WhatsApp group for the guest, hosts and coordinators

Prerequisites for the program in Israel are: Filling a registration form, sending a valid LOI, travel program (tickets), having a local phone SIM or communication package while in Israel, an international credit card and health insurance.


If you are interested in a SYLE program in Israel:

Our doors and hearts are open,

Come and experience unique characteristics of the life in Israel, among people of different ethnic background. Let’s get to know one another as individuals and peoples.

Contact us for more information and application:


See examples of SYLE programs that took place in Israel in the past years - in the first article below. 



SYLE - Servas Youth Language/Learning Experience - is a special EXPERIENCE inside SERVAS. It is a PROGRAM, flexible and adaptable, to be agreed between Coordinator-Hosting-Travelling Members.
See examples of SYLE programs, that took place in Israel in the past years, in the attached file.
In the summer of 2007, a youth and family conference was held in the Yorkshire Dales, England. We came as a family from Israel and this is where we met Pablo Chufeni and learned about SYLE from him.
נירית הראל מספרת: גרנו שבוע ימים בחדרים ברמת בית הארחה, בחדרים משותפים או באוהלים, כל אחד עפ"י בחירתו. זו היתה חוויה מיוחדת להיפגש עם אנשים מרחבי העולם, להכיר, להחליף דעות ולבלות יחד.