חג המולד 2013 בישראל עם חברי סרווס

Dear Servas Friends,
We are happy to invite you to spend Christmas 2013 in Israel with Servas.
Tour the holy sites and stay with Servas Israel hosts.
Dates: December 22-29, 2013
Place: Haifa, Galilee, Jerusalem
We look forward to seeing you all in Israel.
Servas Israel hosts will be happy to host you before, during and after the meeting.
Take the opportunity to tour our small country with its diversity in landscapes, cultures, history and people.

Claudia Sagie, Servas Israel National, Secretary
לוח זמנים לאירוע חג המולד 2013  לוח זמנים לאירוע חג המולד 2013

Date 17/11/2013 10:00 - 15/01/2014
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