Servas Israel international meeting in the Negev desert 2-7 April 2013 Write to

Servas Israel invites all Servas members from all over the world to our meeting in Kibbutz Sde Boker, in the negev desert
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Among the topics of the meeting:

  • The kibbutz The unique community way of life, and how it has been adapting over the years to the changes in the Israeli life style.
  • David Ben Gurion, main founder and the first Prime Minister of Israel The Man and his Vision.
  • The desert - Landscapes, flora and fauna, geology, history, people.
  • Environmental life in the Desert - Agriculture, solar energy, energy conservation, water resources, various forms of settlement.
  • The people of the desert and their special challenges – Bedouins and  women, young farmers …


  • A full day tour by bus to Makhtesh (crater) Ramon, to the desert’s ancient agricultural installation at Nitzana or Avdat Nabatean city  and a visit to a Bedouin village.
  • A visit to young individual farms.
  • A walk or bicycle ride to Nachal (river) Zin at sunrise, Avdat spring at En Avdat

 Social activities:

  • Country presentations – every evening country representatives will present their country by folk tales, costumes, singing, dancing, food etc.
  • Youth late night parties – talk, dance and drink -  under the desert sky

  Participants’ contributions are most welcome:

·         Workshops, lectures

·         Yoga, morning exercises


·         Games, story telling

·         Handcrafts


·         Photography

·         And more


Date 2/04/2013 - 7/04/2013
Location Kibbutz Sde Boker
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