מה זה סרווס עבור חברי הארגון

חברי סרווס ישראל מספרים על חוויותיהם כמארחים ומתארחים:

אם שאפת אי פעם להכיר מקרוב בני תרבויות שונות - ע"י מפגשים, כנסים, טיולים, התארחות בביתך או בביתם - סרווס הוא בשבילך. 
"סרווס ישראל" הנו סניף של הארגון העולמי המפגיש מטיילים עם מארחים ומטרתו - להגביר את הרעות והשלום בעולם, לפתח סובלנות והבנה הדדית באמצעות יצירת קשר אישי ועמוק בין בני תרבויות ורקע שונים.
המטיילים מוזמנים להתארח ולהשתלב בחיי המשפחות המארחות, להכיר אותן ואת סביבתן, לבלות אתן ולחלוק עמן דעות, תחושות ורגשות.                פרטים נוספים

The meeting was at Michael Ben-Abu's house in Tel Aviv for a Servas get-together meeting. More than 30 Servas members and guest gathered and, celebrated the Jewish New Year. They heard Michael talking about his life and art, and then Claudia sharing information about Servas in the current technological global world of today.
Servas members and friends met in Haifa to celebrate The Jewish New Year and the International Peace Day - meeting old friends and new ones, getting to know each other better, learning about Amalia, the Bedouin turned Jew, and leaving with a taste for more.
15 Jerusalem Servas members met together with four friends in the Community Garden beside the Museum of Natural History.
It was a happy meeting, in a congenial atmosphere leaving a taste for more.
Servas meeting “Friend brings friend” in Southern Plain was held on Saturday, September 14, 2019, at Yaffa Mednik's home in Rishon Lezion,
The meeting was attended by eleven people and a future friend.
The participant went on a tour, and after a Servas-like lunch, there was a session on life cycles - "man is his hometown pattern" .
An intimate meeting (total of 11 people) - we heard from Ran, a member of Kibbutz Nir Oz, , about his work as a gardener and his research and experiments.
It was a real "friend brings friend" meeting - and it was exciting to meet friends who left Servas and now want to come back.
Servas Israel members spent the weekend of 8-9 March 2019 together - celebrating the International Women's Day on 8 March 2019 in the Arab village of Jisr az Zarqa and participating in the Annual Assembly on Saturday 8 March 2019 in Yuvalim.
A series of four instruction sessions was completed by Servas Israel between Oct. until Dec. 2018. Arranging the meetings in different areas of the country allowed 60 members in all to participate. These members are now able to assist those who could not attend one of the meetings.
It is important to know, especially in view of the bilateral relations that once again rocks our countries, how Servas members in Poland welcome us and show us their beautiful country and tradition.
Thanks to Timor family who hosted us in their Sukkah in their home in Pardes Hanna, and took us to the Under the Lamps festival, at Givat Haviva.
בסוכות התקיים מפגש חברים בסוכה של אביבה וגדעון תימור, בפרדס-חנה. המפגש שולב בהשתתפות בפסטיבל "מתחת לפנס" בגבעת חביבה".
Hedva Kooper, Servas Israel host, visited Polad with her friend, Bat-Sheva Dagan. They met Servas Poland members, who were interested to hear the story of Bat-Sheva, a 92 years old Holocost survivor.