מה זה סרווס עבור חברי הארגון

חברי סרווס ישראל מספרים על חוויותיהם כמארחים ומתארחים:

אם שאפת אי פעם להכיר מקרוב בני תרבויות שונות - ע"י מפגשים, כנסים, טיולים, התארחות בביתך או בביתם - סרווס הוא בשבילך. 
"סרווס ישראל" הנו סניף של הארגון העולמי המפגיש מטיילים עם מארחים ומטרתו - להגביר את הרעות והשלום בעולם, לפתח סובלנות והבנה הדדית באמצעות יצירת קשר אישי ועמוק בין בני תרבויות ורקע שונים.
המטיילים מוזמנים להתארח ולהשתלב בחיי המשפחות המארחות, להכיר אותן ואת סביבתן, לבלות אתן ולחלוק עמן דעות, תחושות ורגשות.                פרטים נוספים

On Friday morning, April 9, 2021, Servas members from Haifa and surroundings, met at one of the Carmel Mountain parks near the University of Haifa.
The meeting included, besides the usual conversations, also a walk in the park.

חברי סרווס בחיפה והסביבה נפגשו בפארק הכרמל ליד אוניברסיטת חיפה, לשיחה, שיתופים, כיבודים והליכה לתצפית על הנוף במקום.

Orna and Beni from Arad organized a meeting of members of Servas South with a trip to Ein Bokek and the Dead Sea. Although few responded and did not give up, it was worth it. Returning to routine after Covid-19 - "Corona" year.
אורנה ובני מערד ארגנו מפגש חברי סרווס דרום עם טיול לעין בוקק וים המלח. אמנם מעטים נענו ולא ויתרנו, אך היה שווה. חוזרים לשגרה אחרי שנת קורונה.

About 20 Servas member, from different parts of Israel, visited Havat-Noy (Botanic Garden) and the Pelican Migration at Vickar lookout point in Emek Hefer.
See some impressions from the Servas Israel Annual Assembly , held on 1 August 2020 , in Ilanot Forest. We met face-to-face, keeping The Israel Ministry of Health instructions for coronavirus pandemic.
On Friday, 12th June 2020 there was a noon-time gathering, of Servas Friends with Michael, our Servas member and artist, his curator Doron Fishbein, and other friends and art lovers.
The gathering included an interesting Sufi Dance performance.
On behalf of Servas Israel,we wish to thank all of you for participating in our 22-27 December 2019 event SHALOM & LEHITRAOT
Servas "Friend brings a friend" meeting in the Galilee took place on Saturday 9/11/2019 in Maalot Tarshiha. We met in the gallery of the Art Center in Maalot Tarshiha. After visiting the gallery, we watched a movie that portrays the extraordinary and admirable story of Ronia Harri, how she donated a kidney to a man with special needs she didn't know before.
we sat down together for a joint meal, after which we said goodbye, and everyone continued on their way to visit the area.
On Saturday, November 2, 2019. a group of Servas members gathered at "Saba Habib," at the entrance to Kibbutz Parod. After the traditional Servas communal dinner, we heard a lecture by Suhil Jahshan, a member of the Saba Haviv family, about the olive and its products.
On Saturday 26/10/2019, we were hosted by R&D center in Kfar Qara.
The host scientists and researchers, who participated in this meeting, told us about technology advancements in the Israel Arab society.
Over 50 Servas members attended and were also joined by guests who accompanied them.
On Saturday, the 12th on October, about twenty very old, relatively old, relatively new, and friends of friends, curious, interested in joining.
Gabi Barshi told about the establishment of a Servas in Israel.
Claudia noted changes that have occurred in Servos over the years with the start of ServasOnline, and told about the international conference to be held in December in Israel.