שכחתי סיסמא  

"סרווס" הנו ארגון בינלאומי המפגיש מטיילים עם מארחים ומטרתו - להגביר את הרעות והשלום בעולם, לפתח סובלנות והבנה הדדית באמצעות יצירת קשר אישי ועמוק בין בני תרבויות ורקע שונים.
המטיילים מוזמנים להתארח ולהשתלב בחיי המשפחה המארחת, להכיר אותה ואת סביבתה, לבלות אתה ולחלוק עמה את דעותיהם, תחושותיהם ורגשותיהם, בכל הקשור לחיי הקהילה בארץ ובעולם.                פרטים נוספים

Friday evening we met at Ovadia and Nava's beautiful house where we enjoyed their warm and tasty hospitality, to share memories and view the video taken by Dan in Poland last year.
After more than one year of our visit to Poland our Servas Poland Delegation met at kibbutz Gshur in the Golan Height area where two families from the delegation live
On behalf of "Israpoland 2016 group" we would like to express our gratitude and our Honorary appreciation to Maria and Adam for the wonderful hospitality and great attitude we received during our stay in their place in Poland from 16.10.16 to 21.10.16

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30 Servas friends, including families and new members, participated in Servas Israel picnic in the Sculptures Trail in Tzora-Hanasi Forest, on Saturday, 09.24.2016, 10:00 to 15:00. We celebrated International Peace Day by reading poems, parables and stories, discussing the meaning of peace and friendship.

Francisco wrote: I send this email to say hello and to thank all those who participated in the Servas Exchange Program Language and Culture between Israel and Mexico.

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30 participants from all over the world, including 6 from Israel, attended the meeting in Uppsala, Sweden.
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Thank you Servas Italy for having Maria Teresa with us

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Servas Warsaw sends greetings to Servas Haifa
and to neighbouring places around Haifa!

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Thank you Sascha for writing this report and sharing it with us .
Thank you Shamsundar for writing and sharing with us.
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