Christmas with Servas In Israel event on 22-29 December 2013

Group photo at Sea of Galilee
Group photo at Sea of Galilee

Dear Servas Friends

One week passed – so fast. The Christmas with Servas In Israel event on 22-29 December 2013 is over, and it left all of us with a taste of wanting more.

More than 40 Servas friends, from all over the world, were hosted by Israeli hosts in 3 areas – Galilee, Center (Sharon and Tel-Aviv) and Jerusalem.

Guests and hosts traveled together in the hosts' cars and joined guided tours in Christian sites in Galilee and Jerusalem.

A welcome meeting in Haifa opened the event and a farewell meeting closed it in Jerusalem.

An atmosphere of intimacy and openness has emerged - friends wanted to talk and get to know each other – Servas spirit at its best.

We wish to thank all of you for participating, for being patient with our logistics mistakes, for rushing you from place to place, from host to host.

We wanted to share with you our country and hosts.

It has been a great experience for us, a true pilot, which we hope to improve (if we do it again) and share with all Servas countries around the world.

Thanks to Servas Israel organizers and helpers, and there were many.


(thanks and see you again)


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See you
Happy New Year

Claudia Sagi

Servas Israel N. S

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